What is PIM and what is PXM?

PIM - Product Information Management is a database-based software for editing, correcting, classifying and exchanging your product data, among other things. At the same time it is the basis of
PXM - Product Experience Management. Together they are a new generation of PIM systems.

What actually is PIM?

PIM is the abbreviation for Product Information Management. It is used to provide all product-related data for output to various media and sales channels. This also includes images, drawings, videos, marketing texts and language variants.

In this central, location-independent system, the media-neutral maintenance, preparation and modification of all product information takes place in a structured form.

It optimises the processes in the areas of marketing and sales and ensures up-to-date and high-quality product data.

How does the product information get into a Product Information Management?

A PIM system needs access to existing database systems. Interfaces, so-called APIs, enable the connection of ERP, CMS, CRM, SQL, image, video and document files.