ac.PIMImport / ac.PIMExport

In order to receive, communicate and exchange product data, PIM interfaces are required between the systems.

ac.PIMImport / ac.PIMExport

Data imports are possible via

Data exports are possible via

Your business processes determine which data is to be distributed how and in what form it should be distributed. Automated data data communication during export saves valuable time!

Your product advantages with ac.PIMImport and ac.PIMExport

  • Import and export profiles that can be created by the user
  • Intuitive editor for easy creation of import and export profiles
  • Unlimited and individual import and export profiling
  • Cyclically and automatically executable imports and exports
  • Import: Standard interfaces for CSV, Excel, XML and ODBC connections
  • Export: Standard interfaces for CSV, XML and ODBC connections
  • Individually configurable imports from your different systems and data sources
  • Individually configurable exports for your different communication channels
  • Possibilities to automatically adapt your data to the desired target formats before, during and after import or export, e.g. through the use of regular expressions or the use of add-ins (scripting).
  • Extensive control options for the data flows in both modules

Is a solution you require not included in this list? Please contact us - we can also support you with many other data management requirements.

ac.PIMImport - Creating a Mapping

ac.PIMExport - Adding new data