The new generation ac.PIM + PXM for smart product communication

Functioning solutions for your data management

In e-commerce, your business success depends on how well your product data is available. That's why it's worth it pays to invest in professional communication of your product data. We offer working solutions for your Product data management .

With ac.PIM und PXM

With our media-neutral data management you create more user experience (UX) on your online marketplaces. Provide personalised product information that is adapted to different sales adapted to different sales channels.

Where sparks once flew, innovative software solutions are created today.

The district is full of ideas. It stands for innovative strength, joint tackling and for the open word! Our company headquarters are within sight of the Henrichshütte, once one of the most famous ironworks in Germany, now an LWL industrial museum.

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PXM: Booster for the Customer Journey

Influence customers' buying decisions by personalising product information for them.

Inspire your customers with additional information and intelligently control the purchase process and the customer journey.

Create product experiences (UX) through descriptions of application possibilities and product benefits, through emotions and entertainment.

Adapt your product communication to the different sales channels (B2B / B2C).

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