About us

Where sparks once flew, innovative software solutions are created today.
The region with its structural change is full of ideas. It stands for innovative strength, pragmatic tackling and for the open word!

Your software forge in the district

advanced concepts Ltd was founded in the Ruhr region - also known as the Revier, Pott, Ruhrpott or Kohlenpott.

To this day, the company has remained loyal to its location and feels not only locally connected here.

The Henrichshütte, now an LWL industrial museum, was one of the most famous ironworks in Germany and is right on our company's doorstep.

For over 20 years, renowned customers from a wide range of industries have relied on our standard products and successfully used our tools for data and product communication.

All our products are "Made in Germany" and in-house developments of our company.

Our philosophy lies in the satisfaction and profitable benefit for our customers. This goal has top priority for us. We only measure our success by this and by our efforts to always make the best out of our customers' requirements.

Software product development

We rely on standard products "Made in Germany". New product developments are based on market and user requirements.  The technologies are tried and tested and up-to-date. We develop individual solutions on the basis on the basis of our standard products and can thus offer you attractive for you. 

Consulting and software sales

The goal of our process consulting is to realise time and cost advantages. Optimised processes increase the productivity of media production by up to 75%. But the technological productivity gain is overestimated if the processes are not optimised! optimised! The presentation of our solutions is always customised to meet your requirements and goals. We prepare our offers on the basis of transparent price lists and are always comprehensible for you.

Project management  

Good planning and control mean success and security for your project.  The introduction of a PIM system is more than the implementation of a software solution.

Media design 

The design diversity of our customers' printed publications is considerable and represents the flexibility of the software. Catalogue design is more than creativity - information belongs in the right place.

Media preparation

Bringing publications to market on time means "time to market", increased sales and a better image. We support you with the introduction of PIM in the context of your print preparation or take over this as a full service.

Other service areas

Data acquisition, -maintenance and preparation, preparation of the product database, layout conception, preparation and creation of publication trees, production of print publications print publications, correction runs.