ac.KATbridge is the solution for automated print production and data sheet creation. Generate catalogues and price lists directly from the system.

The perfect tool for offline marketing: ac.KATbridge

Requirements have also changed in the area of analogue publications: Today, customised price lists and partial catalogues for the most diverse markets and target groups are to be produced fully automatically.

With ac.KATbridge, data sheet creation with selected product data from the PIM database is also fully automated. Catalogues, price lists, brochures, flyers, blister cards and data sheets can also be created automatically using the software.

ac.KATbridge is the interface between ac.PIM and your layout templates designed in Adobe® InDesign. Your layout templates are designed directly in InDesign. The basis is Adobe® InDesign for MS Windows.

Your advantage: Customers can become aware of your product in a print medium and then obtain further information via the internet - which is of course perfectly prepared and user-oriented by our ac software.

Your product advantages with ac.KATbridge

  • Creation of layout templates in InDesign by the user - Use all functionalities of InDesign
  • Simple linking of your database contents with the layout templates via drag & drop
  • Rule-based templates to control the output of even complex layouts
  • Easy creation of language variants of your publications
  • Subsequent updating of individual data fields in already created publications with a few work steps without having to recreate the entire publication

Is a solution you require not included in this list? Please contact us - we can also support you with many other data management requirements.

ac.KATbridge - feature assignment

ac.KATbridge - Production process