PIM - Product Information Management
PXM - Product Experience Manag​ement

With the central maintenance and provision of all possible product information on one platform, you ensure cross-departmental process optimisation.

Celebrate sales success with ac.PIM

Our Product Information Management is the ideal tool for the central maintenance and administration of product-related data as well as the provision of product information for all all output media.

Even in the standard version our PIM software offers above-average functional depth and freely configurable standard configurable standard interfaces for data imports and exports. The means a connection to all reference and database systems.

​Your product advantages with ac.PIM

  • User rights management
  • Mass care and inheritance
  • User interface configurable and multilingual
  • Validation possibility by means of tests
  • Status-based Workflow control
  • Import, export interface e.g. to ERP systems
  • ac.KATbridge - Catalogue production using InDesign
  • ac.PIMk-tool integrated (ETIM, e-Class etc. or house classification)
  • Derivative creation and automatable allocation of media

Is a solution you require not included in this list? Please contact us - we will also support you with with many other requirements of your data management.

ac.PIM - Master data maintenance

ac.PIM - Media Maintenance

With PIM as a central database you can bring your products to the customer target groups to the customer and automate your data-supported marketing. PXM is the marketing, sales and branding strategy and helps to in marketing the products in different sales channels (multi-channel).

What is PXM?

PXM is the abbreviation for Product Experience Management and means, that a product-related representation of the customer experience is generated. This is because it is important to strengthen the connection between the products and the customers. The future-oriented management system is the further development and updated version of our PIM system. It ensures the improvement of the workflow as well as for more individuality and personalisation of product information. PXM enhances the user experience (UX) in online user experience (UX) in online output channels.